• Our Services

    Our Services

Northside Pharmacy Nursing Home Division provides the highest quality of personal and resident – centered services in Ohio. We know that flexibility, dependability, and teamwork are the key to ensuring the best care for your residents.

Our services include:

  • Open 7 days a week with a pharmacist accessible 24/7 to meet your needs.
  • Medication credit as allowed by law.
  • Our Consultant Pharmacist will assist you with monthly medication reviews, along with identifying opportunities to lower medication cost and recommend alternative medications or formulations to improve patient care.

Formulary Management

Northside’s formulary is designed to assure that you are getting the utmost cost effective and appropriate medications for your residents. With our support, Northside will assist your facility in giving you the maximum preferred formulary and therapeutic substitution recommendations to reduce costs. You will be confident that Northside delivers clinically appropriate medications to your residents, providing you with the best value.

  • Our formulary management software takes into account the details of each resident’s medication regimen and automatically switches your medication orders to a more clinically appropriate, lower-cost drug in the same therapeutic class.
  • This technology is not simply exchanging brand name medication for a generic version; rather, is collaboration between the prescriber and pharmacy for an interchange to clinically preferred medications based upon safety, cost, clinical efficiency, and administration considerations.

Medication Availability

At Northside, our pharmacists are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make daily deliveries and provide emergency prescriptions to you 24 hours a day. This provides quick access to medication while ensuring each resident receives the right medication when they need it.


Competitive Pricing

We understand saving money is important to you. It’s our priority to provide the lowest possible cost to you while improving the health of your residents. Northside assists you in creating a formulary that is cost effective for you and your facility. You can count on us to save costs in a variety of ways:

  • Consultant pharmacist recommendations
  • Superior medication management & generic conversion
  • Advanced technology solutions


Now there is a way to break the frustrating cycle of trial and error prescribing to help your patients suffering with depression and relief more quickly with the right medication. Northside Nursing Home Division is partnering with GeneSight® to provide a service that uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze 12 different genes to weigh their combined influence on patient response to more than 55 psychotropic medications.

Which of your residents could benefit from the GeneSight® test?

Residents who are experiencing less than desired medication response: Residents with uncontrolled symptoms who switch off of genetically discordant medications show the greatest reduction in depressive symptoms.

  • Residents taking multiple medications due to medical comorbidities: GeneSight® testing may help avoid drug-drug interactions and compounding side effects. Elderly residents who want to avoid adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and additional healthcare costs.
  • Residents age 65+ whose clinician made treatment decisions congruent with the GeneSight Psychotropic test were on two fewer medications per year compared to those whose clinician made decisions incongruent with the test.
  • Our Northside pharmacist will review your resident’s results and recommend the best plan of action to help your residents get on the right medication faster.